How it works

You pick the song, we pick the steps.

Cold Feet Dance is all about creating a custom dance number based on what kind of show you want to put on. Could be a duet, a flash mob, or something in between. All we ask is that you pick the song(s).

We'll brainstorm what dance styles could work with that song, and then talk about what you want to achieve. What's the tone of the wedding? Who is the audience? Do you want to do something simple, just one notch above a simple sway? Or perform a showstopper that takes the crowd by surprise?

Most importantly, we want to know your story. How you met, what is your relationship dynamic... and how to play with that and celebrate it through movement.

Every number is different so every rehearsal process is different. We'll start slow and make a sketch of the number together. The creative process is collaborative so that everything is sure to feel good and look good to you - we rewrite parts of dances if we need to. And if you have some favorite moves, we'll make sure they fit!

We film the end of most rehearsals so you can practice on your own time to videos, though there is no set limit to how many rehearsals the process will take. It's totally up to you.

Above all, this is supposed to be the fun part. Planning a wedding is stressful! Your first dance shouldn't be.