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Ryan Halprin is a choreographer based in Los Angeles, California. 

After catching the musical theater bug in middle school performing in West Side Story, he told people he wanted to start dancing to get better at sports. Which was half true. Eventually he quit the football team to dance at the halftime shows instead.

While jazz and hip hop classes provided a foundation in high school, he never missed an episode of So You Think You Can Dance and to this day defends it as one of the best competition shows ever. The combination of world class athletes, multiple genres, and fresh choreography every week was inspiring.

At Harvard College Ryan spent 4 years in the cast of the Hasty Pudding Theatricals, a drag musical written and performed by students every year but directed and choreographed by professionals. Outside of the Pudding he directed and choreographed musicals and other kinds of performances all over campus while allegedly majoring in neurobiology. If he's being honest he spent much more time in rehearsal than in the lab.


Like all great adventures, choreographing weddings started as a bit before it became real. Ryan fantasized with friends about how fun it would be to put together a dance number for for them that would help tell their story to all their loved ones on the big day. His friends took a chance on him and he's had a blast with every number since.