Marianne & Kevin - April 14th, 2018

The first couple. The guinea pigs.  Marianne & Kevin chose "It's Only Time" by The Magnetic Fields and danced a fox trot.

They pulled it off with elegance, grace, and even a few laughs.

Professional photography by For the Love of It

We had a great time working with Ryan on our first dance! We are NOT dancers and have no experience with choreographed dance at all. If not for Ryan, we would have swayed like middle schoolers. Instead, Ryan worked with us over several weeks to teach us a foxtrot. He was equal parts patient, hysterical, and motivating. It was also clear how much effort he put into the choreography when we were not practicing together, coming up with dance moves that mirrored the lyrics of the song, truly telling a story. At our wedding, the dance went off beautifully and our friends and family can’t stop raving about it. For weeks after I would call my mom and ask what she was up to, and her answer would be that she watching the video of our dance because she loved it so much. We can’t recommend Ryan enough!
— Marianne & Kevin