Jaydi & Dave - December 8th, 2018

Jaydi & Dave put their own spin on the classic number from Dirty Dancing. After the salsa duet their friends join in to bring it to life and nail that final lift! Because NOBODY puts Jaydi in a corner…

We had a really specific idea of what we wanted to accomplish (recreating the ending from the DIRTY DANCING movie), but had absolutely no idea how difficult it would be. We are not dancers, and hadn’t considered that in the movie version, the actors had the opportunity to film the dance numerous times from all kinds of different angles. WE had to do it all in one take! But Ryan was there for us, and not only learned the exact choreography from the film first, but he was also super patient as we learned it, and believed in us at times even when we didn’t even believe in ourselves!

So glad he got us to stick with it, as it’s all everyone talks about from our wedding. And now we have the most beautiful and fun memory ever to show our children one day. Not sure how Ryan finds the time to do it, but he is absolutely fantastic, and we’d recommend him and his abilities to anyone!
— Jaydi & Dave