Alex & Nick - August 25th, 2018

Alex & Nick dance a waltz to "Sweet Thing" by Van Morrison played by a live band (!) in Narragansett, Rhode Island. Alex was a pre-Olympic figure skater and Nick had never learned choreography before! And had a broken wrist most of the rehearsal process...

We’ve known Ryan for years and were delighted when he started Cold Feet Dance. We thought he could help a lot of people achieve their dream of an elegant moment at their wedding! But not us. We weren’t “those people.” And anyway, we chose a Rock song for our first “sway.”

When we shared our song with Ryan - it was accompanied by a friendly challenge of “well what would you do with something like this?” We were shocked and delighted when he told us our Rock song had the beats of a Waltz, and he knew just what to do.

What followed were a series of personalized sessions at our home, and Ryan’s studio, carefully learning a 3-minute dance that told the story of our relationship. The choreography was incredibly thoughtful and creative. Memorizing all the moves was challenging, but Ryan is very patient and understanding. He never rushed, always listened, and took the time to help us get it just right.

People ask us all the time - what was your favorite part of the wedding? Hands down, it was performing our first dance. It was the most special and gratifying moment, and it was just so much fun! Also, we nailed it, and it brought the house down :)

Thank you so much, Ryan! We would do it again in a heartbeat.
— Alex & Nick